Fully Booked Batman...er..Harley Quinn Day 09.30.2017

I am such a dork. Ever since I started working here in the big city (I'm from a little city about 331km Northeast of my island country - see, I told you I'm a dork), I think I have gone to  the Fully Booked ('s?) yearly Comic Book Day and Batman Day to get free comic books. I'm not really much of a comic book girl, I'm not sure if Manga's and graphic novels count. Do they? Haha. Anyway, long story short, some one got me hooked, And seriously, it's free. I love free stuff.

Book Review | The Path Keeper by N.J. Simmonds

"Mistakes didn't happen in his world. 
Miracles did."
- N.J. Simmonds, The Path Keeper

Home Cookin' | Pinoy Style Spaghetti on a Budget

We Filipinos love our Sweet Spaghetti Sauce. Just check out all the reaction videos in youtube from Foreigners who are trying out either the home cooked version or the Jollibee version of this spaghetti recipe. On one video I saw, they said it reminded them of grade school cafeteria spaghetti and how it's become a comfort food reminding them of carefree days. Yesterday (September 20) was my teenagers 15th birthday and he didn't want any take outs or fancy cooking. If you are from a Filipino family there will always be more than cake when celebrating a birthday. So I made him my own version of the Pinoy Spaghetti on a budget. If I could invite Sheldon over for dinner he'd love this recipe.

Beverly Hofstadter: 
Do you suppose you would have flourished 
more in a more reward-based environment?
Sheldon Cooper: 
Perhaps. But my mom made me 
spaghetti with chopped up hot dogs 
whenever I wanted, so who cares.
- Big Bang Theory

Foodie Finds | Zigi's Fish & Chips

One of the first dishes that my partner introduced to me when we were just starting out was his Beer Battered Cream Dory. Then we frequented a Fish & Chips place in SM Mall of Asia that I could not, for the life of me, remember the store name. That store isn't in the Mall anymore so it has been a while since we got to chow down on Fish & Chips that my Partner did not make himself. 

Home Cookin' | Chicken Tomato Curry

It's been a while since I was able to cook something. Adulting has taken precedence in my life so much that even the act of cooking simple meals has taken a back burner. We aren't even going the take-out route. We either open a can of tuna or eat egg (scrambled, omelette, hard boiled), it's easy and no need to chop up stuff. If by chance we all find time to cook we always do either Adobo or Sinigang. 

Back in May, I cooked Beef Tomato Curry as an experiment and it was a success. You can read about it here. So I was thinking, if the Beef Tomato Curry was simple enough to do I could also do the regular Chicken Curry (Filipino Style). I liked the flavor that the tomato sauce brings to the dish so I made sure I added that to my own dish.
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