Mini Book Reviews | Netgalley Books of the Week

In my last Netgalley Books of the week post I mentioned that I haven't really been approved that much. Well, color me surprised when I suddenly got approved for multiple books in about a week. Now I am kinda on a self imposed request ban because I have yet to finish 3 books to be able to keep up with my 80% Review Rate. *Disclaimer: I received these books in exchange for an honest review

Mail Time | More Review Copies!

So I was just strolling through Twitterverse - reading twits from random people, checking out book giveaways, stalking authors, and then I see this "Mentions" in the notification icon. I've had my twitter for a few years now but I rarely used it before and yes I just discovered that small link that says "Mentions". To my surprise I got a mention from an Author..

Book Events | Big Bad Wolf Books Book Sale Preview Day

I was one of the winners of Big Bad Wold Book Sale's Preview Day Golden Ticket Pass, and of course I had to take time off work to document the gloriousness of books and the fact that they are on sale. Big howl thank you to Big Bad Wolf!  Awuuuuuuu!

Blog Tour | Book Spotlight: Tribal Affairs by Matt Dallmann

I am so happy to announce that I am posting my very first Book Tour/Book Spotlight. Thank you to iRead Book Tours for adding me to their roster of bloggers. I'm looking forward to more book tours! 
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