Monday, October 8


I'm a book blogger, I like book tags, and I have a few of them I haven't done yet. I don't really tag other bloggers anymore but in case you want to do this tag, please feel free to do so. I found this tag at Adventures of a Bookish Girl

Sunday, October 7

Taming the TBR | Mini Review Compilation #4

A few weeks ago I was contemplating on how I might not be able to reach my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 100 books before the yeah ends. I am currently on a House M.D. break but I did just read 3 books in 2 days plus a few more in the past week. I think that's an accomplishment, don't you? 🤯

Wednesday, October 3

Book Review | The Shadowglass (The Bone Witch #3) by Rin Chupeco

"Sons and daughters," she echoed, "sons with my fire, daughters with my eyes. Mayhap one day, they will. A life worth dying for is a life worth living after all."
- Rin Chupeco, The Shadow Glass

Monday, October 1

Monthly Wrap-Up | September 2018 | On Books, Book Fair, Book Haul and Birthday!

I know I haven't been around lately. I've been trying to get my anxiety and depression under control and I might have gone on a little impromptu hiatus from blogging. The bright side to that is I feel a lot better and I've been able to read some of my books (Yay!).

So I have decided to start doing monthly wrap-ups in lieu of posting life updates so that at least I have 1 constant post every month. The wrap-up will come out on the 1st day of the new month following the wrap up month. The wrap up will have books, movies, and whatever else filled my month.

(As I was typing this I heard my beep, I checked the notification, lay in bed and promptly fell asleep. LOL)

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Friday, September 21

It's all in the Name

True story. Aussie customer is calling. The phone rings. I'm thinking, here we go.

"Welcome to....... My name is Laurel, how can I help you?"

"What did you say your name was? Laura?"

"It's Laurel sir." I replied.

"Oh, Laurel! Well, what's your real name? What's your Filipino name?"

A dozen different expletives is already running through my mind, but I (try to) keep calm. 

I fake a laugh.

"My real name IS Laurel sir."

"Well Laura, here's what's going on......"

Mini Book Reviews | Netgalley Books of the Week

I'm seriously trying sooooo hard to not request any more books from Netgalley. But my resolve is weak, I have made a few new requests since I finished reading the last galley I got there the other day. Woe is me.