Thursday, August 16

Book Review | The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey

Blue was everything. 
Blue was safe.
 Blue was home.
How she longed to see red.
- Josie Jaffrey, The Gilded King

Wednesday, August 8

Mail Time | Good Things Come in Purple Packaging 😉

The first thing I check everytime I get home  from work is whether I got one of those Post Office Notices that I have a package I need to pick up. Yesterday was mail day for this happy blogger. 😊

Thursday, August 2

Book Review | Serengeti by J.B. Rockwell

"Science fiction is a unique literature. Science is the first literature that says, 
'Tomorrow is going to be different that yesterday, it's going to be a lot different.'"
- David Gerrold

Saturday, July 21

#Booktag | Book Reader Problems Tag

I have been transparent on how my head isn't the best place right now but I don't want to neglect my blog. So I hope my readers understand when I post less than usual until I get things together. For now I'm doing this tag to put some thoughts into writing. Let me present the book reader problems tag.

Wednesday, July 18

A Life Update: Time for a breather

Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best
- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Sunday, July 8

Book Review | Mini Review Collection #3

I'm starting off the new month by doing my mini book review collection of books I read in the latter part of June and early into July. As usual, I've been busy and life kinda handed me a whopper (lot's of them), so bear with me if I'm missing in action. I'm also planning a lot of stuff I want to write about that are more that the regular bookish stuff. On to the books I've read.