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You guys are amazing! I don't know how many times I'll be saying that. Imagine hearing that  with my current inner voice that has a British accent (hihi), thank you very much to my favorite Harry Potter Youtuber Cherry Wallis 🍒. I have been binging her unboxings for days now and I have bad Harry Potter Merch envy. 

As promised in my last post, there is more to this Philippine Blog tour than just, you know, a regular blog tour. Since today is my birthday, here are a few sneak peeks to what we will be looking forward to in February 2019.


I knelt on the falling snow before the entrance to Stranger's Peak. Lord Agnarr of the Gorvekai stood before me. His face was wooden and expressionless, but I saw sympathy in his gaze. "You are Little Tear's salvation, and ours," he said. "You have oassed our trials as no other asha has done before you. I will teach you the secrets of shadowglass, to unmake the magic of the world. Do you accept, Tea of the Embers?" 

A New vision swam through my mind. I saw all seven daeva bowing to me, with Kalen, smiling and alive, my hand in his, while I stood surrounded by light. You were right, Lily, my heartsglass wept. A prince on my arm, surrounded by silver. You were right. 

"Are you ready, love?" the Kalen of my vision asked again. 

I stood, and darkness swirled. There was no darkrot in me, only purpose. "Always," I said.


Participants of the Philippines Blog Tour, I know we love ourselves some swag! Goodies may include enamel pins, stickers, art prints, and a new The Bone Witch short story told from Kalen’s POV! Here is a small peak at the stickers and art print from Rin. Who's excited??? 



Who can join? 
The contest is open to both the blogger participants and any Reader/Book Blogger who has a Bookstagram account.

Terms and Conditions

Judging and Criteria 
Admit it, we judge books by their covers (most of the time). LOL. And we love pretty books in pretty pictures. The winning entry will be picked by Rin Chupeco herself.

Prizes: TBA 


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Rambles of a Reader

Wander with Jon
Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic


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